Audio tailored to your auditorium

From cost-effective speakers to the most advanced sound systems
Our audio experts guarantee a sublime sound experience in your auditorium
Control your entire audio system centrally via our own LIVIAU platform or touchscreen application
Professional configuration & adjustment of your system for beautifully warm and full sound


Acoustic analysis of your auditorium

Audio is a fundamental pillar of the funeral experience. The appropriate music through the right speakers adds an extra dimension to the ceremony. The APEX team has extensive experience of finding the right solution for every auditorium, regardless of layout or size.

Fully centrally controlled

Control all your audio from one central point. Program background music and songs in advance – with the option to integrate with Spotify. Music can be easily played and controlled during the service via handy shortcuts.

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Images that tell a story

APEX’s all-in-one LIVIAU system is much more than just an audio-visual installation. We can also help you to present pictures in combination with the right music and mood lighting. Thanks to our simple and integrated system, you can quickly create a beautiful funeral service with the help of some purpose-built templates, saving you a lot of precious time and effort.

Why choose APEX?

✔ Apex is the AV specialist for funeral centers & crematoriums

✔ We offer 24/7 technical support

✔ Our systems are reliable and affordable

✔ We offer extensive training and support

What our customers say

LM Van Horen

Jannes & Julis Funeral Home

After installing the LIVIAU system my existing speakers suddenly sound so much better. I don’t know they did it but hats off to them!

Christof Lelong

Hansen Funerals

Thanks to the installation of the LIVIAU system, playing videos and music in my auditorium has never been easier. My services are running smoothly and we're not wasting any time.

Kim Beutels

Beutels Funeral Home

It's thanks to the enormous efforts of the Apex team that my funeral home was able to open on time. What they accomplished here in such a short time is truly fantastic. Thanks!

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