Hansen 'de Hyde' Auditorium

Hansen Funeral Home has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, thanks to its reputation for reliability and professional competence. In addition to their headquarters in Geetbets, Christof Lelong and Gert Hansen have opened a second funeral home in Zelem, near Halen. Having already opted for a LIVIAU system in Geetbets, Hansen wanted the same ease of use and smooth operation in their new auditorium.

Preparations for a traditional funeral service have to be made on-site, which can consume a lot of time if the offices and venue are several kilometres apart. LIVIAU allows Hansen to prepare a service in Zelem from its Geetbets offices, without being physically present. On the day of the funeral, the master of ceremonies only needs to turn on the system to get started. All audio and video files are stored on the LIVIAU hard disk, ensuring smooth operation, even if the Internet connection drops out. These files are remotely assigned to a key in LIVIAU. The different elements are ready to be recalled in the correct sequence on the day of the service. LIVIAU’s intuitive operation means that last-minute changes of photos, videos and sound clips can be easily accommodated.



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