Who are we?
Based in Beringen (Belgium), APEX has been a global manufacturer and distributor of professional audio-visual products for over 25 years. Much has changed in the audio-visual arena in that time. In recent years APEX has mainly focused on the development and manufacture of our own products, where we’re able to make the biggest difference.

Our all-in-one LIVIAU product is proof of this. LIVIAIU is more than just a compact audiovisual system. It is a total solution for the modern funeral home.

The funeral industry
Thanks to the reliability and ease of us of our products, APEX is in demand in applications that call for security, convenience and complete solutions. Having in-house development and production facilities has allowed us to respond to the specific needs of the funeral industry. Where a simple photo on the coffin once sufficed, today’s leading funeral providers are increasingly distinguished by their extensive use of visual material in combination with music and mood lighting. However, this modern approach can take a lot of time, and time is expensive. That’s why we offer full support to funeral businesses through our systems, software packages and training courses. Adopting one simple, reliable and fully integrated system can bring significant savings in time and effort.

In the past three years, APEX has earned a strong market position in the Belgian, Dutch, German and French funeral services sector. In Belgium alone, more than 150 funeral homes have invested in our systems since 2017.[/vc_column_text]