UC Convents

UC Convents was one of the first funeral directors in the region to switch to APEX’s LIVIAU platform. Tony Aerts and his son Niels previously worked with a very extensive AMX installation. The large control room rack could be centrally controlled via a built-in touchscreen in the front of the auditorium. The big problem, however, was that at times the touchscreen could not connect to the equipment in the rack, which naturally caused enormous stress and uncertainty. In addition, a second person was still needed to control the images from the control room, because this was still done in the old way via two Mac computers.

The LIVIAU system offered a convenient and, above all, much more reliable alternative. We do not work with a touchscreen but with a Touch Computer set into the lectern at the front of the auditorium. Everything needed to control images, music and lighting scenes during the celebration is within the LIVIAU unit itself, so there is no need to connect to an external processor. Files are stored in the touchscreen itself, so the funeral ceremony will continue, even if the network drops out.

Video experience

Recently, the two existing projectors in the auditorium were also replaced by two extremely powerful Panasonic laser projectors. This now makes it possible to create two gigantic projections, each about three meters wide. “Our projection sometimes tended to be less visible on a sunny day,” Niels Aerts explains. “However, with the new projectors, the image literally splashes off the walls. We really get a lot of positive responses to our auditorium.”


In addition to image and audio, the existing lighting system was integrated with the LIVIAU system, enabling UC Convents to create experiences and set the atmosphere at the push of a button. “While playing our videos, the room dims subtly,” Niels continues, “But we also make adjustments to the lighting when the coffin enters.”


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