Desmet Funeral Center

The Desmet family have been known as furniture makers in the Dentergem area for many years. In years gone by the funeral directors traditionally also made the coffins, so the furniture store and funeral business ran side by side. Now Frederick and Wendy Desmet, the second generation, are continuing the family funeral business in a brand new funeral home in Dentergem.

Timeless Lighting

Frederick and Wendy wanted to achieve a timeless, modern style in their new facility. This is not only reflected in the interior décor, but also in the lighting installation. Our experts recommended round light fixtures from APEX’s partner, Modular. “The lighting appears warm, but is also very contemporary. It is ideal for creating a homely atmosphere and that is very important to us,” explains Wendy Desmet. Rather than a cubist, angular style, the round lights will retain their contemporary feel for longer. Each spot is also controllable from the LIVIAU control panel and can be dimmed, turned off or made to shine brighter to create emphasis.

LIVIAU Control

The LIVIAU control panel stands at the front of the auditorium. This enables the master of ceremonies to conduct the service without the help of an additional technical team member. With its intuitive interface, LIVIAU allows the whole ceremony to be navigated with a few button presses. Wendy is able to plan the full ceremony together with the next of kin beforehand. Every element of the service, from when speakers will stand up to when a picture will be shown or a piece of music played, is all stored on the control panel. “The pre-programmed functions are particularly convenient. In the old days, when we showed a photo or when a speaker spoke, we had to manually adjust the light. This happens automatically with LIVIAU,” Wendy added. Thanks to LIVIAU’s internal storage capacity, the service is no longer dependent on the internet. Each multimedia clip is pre-stored, ready to be played at the right time.

In-depth sound studies

The Desmet funeral auditorium can accommodate more than 300 mourners. Choosing the right sound system was therefore quite a challenge. APEX specialists carried out a thorough sound study in advance before recommending appropriate speakers. They chose to place different speaker models in specific locations in the auditorium, ensuring the same sound experience throughout the room.

“The fact that APEX was able to supply light, sound, projection and control was the deciding factor for us. We were able to contact them for the measurements, purchase and installation for our entire complex,” Frederick Desmet concludes.

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