Verwilt Funerals

With three branches, Verwilt Funeral Center is well-represented in the suburbs of Antwerp. Their immense experience, combined with large, modern auditoriums makes Verwilt a household name in the funeral industry. Recently the business also expanded into the town of Putte. Here they chose a top-quality Apex lighting, audio, video and network solution to make their services run as smoothly as possible.

Extraordinary sound experience

To provide mourners with a truly premium sound experience, Apex recommended a distinctive curved speaker design. When using a traditional sound system, there is significant different between the sound experienced on the front and back rows. The curved shape ensures a uniform sound distribution for the entire auditorium, so the same sound quality will be enjoyed in the same way anywhere in the space. To guarantee a warm sound experience for the low tones, two bass cabinets were chosen. However, these needed to be positioned in an acoustically optimal environment to maintain uniform sound distribution. APEX therefore incorporated the bass cabinets into the back wall, covered with a fine, black gauze.

Camera system for recording, livestreaming and broadcasting

Positioned in the ceiling, the camera system can capture the entire service. This offers Verwilt three major advantages. First, when the largest services reach the capacity of the main auditorium, additional mourners can be accommodated in the breakout room. Screens are installed here, connected directly to the camera system. Services can also be broadcast online via livestream. For example, if a granddaughter is in South Africa when her grandmother dies, she can participate in the service via the Internet. The service can also be recorded and viewed offline. The direction of the recordings is completely controlled via the LIVIAU touchscreen. Pre-programmed switches indicate when the light should be dimmed, or which image should be played in the break-out room. The appropriate audio and video clips follow one other at the touch of a button.

Unique lighting design

The reception area, with a capacity for 120 people, is a one-of-a-kind design. After APEX conducted an in-depth light study, brand new light fittings by Modular were installed. The innovative style of this Dutch designer creates a unique mix of modern and classic in the new Verwilt facility. The lighting, both in the auditorium and in the reception area, is controlled by LIVIAU. It has dozens of pre-programmed configurations. For example, the light will automatically dim when a video starts playing, or a spotlight will turn on when a speaker comes forward.

LIVIAU for planning and control

The LIVIAU control panel is used by Verwilt to manage every aspect of the audio, video and lighting. The entire service can be prepared in detail from the office. This saves a lot of time, stress and expense for the auditorium. Every ceremony can be planned down to the last detail, so that on the day of the funeral it is just a matter of starting the system. “We can discuss a complete service in consultation with the next of kin. When which piece of music is played, which photos we show… We load the correct files with just a few clicks of the button, so that we hardly have any work left to do on the day of the ceremony,” said the undertaker.

“Our funeral home has been around for five generations. We know that every service is unique and we only get one chance to make everything run smoothly. The LIVIAU gives us an extra safety net, should something go wrong. When to switch to which segment, what the next of kin in the corridor will see… Everything is planned and tested in advance.”


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