5 reasons to choose a professional display

5 reasons to choose a professional display over a TV in your funeral home.

Although at first glance it can be hard to tell a professional display and a regular TV screen apart, there are considerable differences between the two. An ordinary TV screen is designed to be switched on for around 4 hours a day and to be watched from 2 meters away, while a professional display has a much broader scope. We’ve listed the five top reasons for choosing a professional display instead of a TV below:

1/ All attendees have the same experience

When choosing a display, make sure to take viewing distances, viewing angles and the lighting in your auditorium into account. Assume that not all invitees will be seated right in front of the screen. For everyone to have the experience, you need a screen with a wide viewing angle that prevents distortion and discoloration. The greater the screen’s viewing angle, the easier it is to see the screen from the side, and the more involved each attendee will feel with what appears on the screen.

2/ Lighting conditions do not affect your image quality

A professional display has a much higher light output. Light output, also called “brightness”, is measured in candela per square meter (cd / m²). That candela value is 20 times higher on average with a professional display than with a regular TV. Because the light output of a professional display is so much more powerful, the image cannot be influenced by light. That means that even on bright days when the sun shines on the screen, the image is not spoiled.

3/ Razor-sharp picture – even in the back row

Professional displays have a higher pixel density than traditional displays. Thanks to their high ppi (pixels per inch), your image will be sharper and the chances of dispersion or color separation are minimized. Color separation mainly occurs when something dark is visible alongside something light. The greater the contrast between light and dark, the more likely the edges will be blurred. Due to the higher pixel density, images are much sharper and even funeral attendees in the back row will see a sharp picture.

4/ Easy to operate

Professional displays have a wide spectrum of control options, with RS232 ports allowing them to be switched on and off automatically from a distance. At APEX we develop control solutions specifically for the funeral sector. Our LIVIAU touchscreen system allows one person to easily deliver the whole funeral service, controlling the images and videos shown on professional displays and working in harmony with audio and lighting to create a memorable service.

5/ Sustainable solution

Because professional displays are cooled in a different way than regular TV screens, they are made to run 24/7. Professional displays also use LED technology, greatly reducing their power consumption. Professional displays can be more expensive to purchase, but certainly pay off in terms of lifespan, warranty and power consumption.


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