Witters & Baers Funeral Home

With three locations in Limburg, Witters and Baers is a well-established funeral business. The first branch opened in Zolder in 1987, followed by funeral homes in Heusden and Houthalen. An expensive Crestron sound system had been installed at each site, which occasionally caused problems. In particular, the ease of use left something to be desired.

“We wanted the same system for all our departments. APEX’s LIVIAU was perfectly suited for this,” says an enthusiastic Evy Baers. LIVIAU is remotely controllable, which offers a huge advantage for Witters and Baers. Preparation for all services is done from their headquarters in Zolder. “As well as having a lot of time, it also reduces our personnel costs. One person can lead the ceremonies thanks to the handy interface.”

The crematorium also uses LIVIAU’s service builder. There are dozens of pre-programmed combinations of lighting, sound and images to choose from. These templates are then easily integrated into the service.
In addition to LIVIAU, APEX has also installed a camera system in the auditoriums. This allows Witters and Baers to record or stream the services for absent relatives. If an auditorium is too small to accommodate all the mourners, this system can also be used to broadcast the service in an additional room, so nobody misses the funeral.


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