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At just 25 years old, Michael Bex has already gained five years’ experience as an undertaker. Like many funeral directors, he started out using an old-school PowerPoint presentation. This was then played via HDMI during the service. This involved a lot of avoidable preparatory work.

LIVIAU significantly lightened the young undertaker’s workload. “Not only do I have much less preparation work, I am much more confident.”, says Michael. In the past, the software has sometimes let me down and I can’t afford that.” In addition, the speed of use is a big plus for Michael. Instead of preparing files on a laptop, he can now upload everything and plan a service in LIVIAU. The files for different funerals can be saved and when the ceremony starts, all he has to do is start up the system.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to make changes, even right before the service. Photos can be quickly replaced and pieces of music can be added or removed. Michael Bex would be the first to recommend LIVIAU to his colleagues starting out in the funeral industry, “As a master of ceremonies, leading a service can often be stressful. When you’re sure that the audio-visual aspect is perfect, this gives you a lot of support.”


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