Koekelare Funeral Directors

The team at Koekelare funeral directors possesses extensive knowledge and skills in supporting people through the grieving process. Based on her experience in palliative home care nursing, Mireille Willaert is able to offer careful support during the farewell. She and her business partner Christophe Perdue ensure that every funeral is a personal as possible. APEX took care of the whole audio-visual solution for Koekelare.

Personal, warm approach

Because Mireille and Christophe’s strength lies in personalised funerals that incorporate beautiful images and carefully selected music, they sought a user-friendly system that could help them prepare memorable services quickly and simply. They chose LIVIAU as an alternative to PowerPoint. With Liviau, Mireille and Christophe can easily create a seamless blend of images and MP4 videos.

24-hour greeting room

Koekelare works with an innovative badge system that allows the next of kin to visit their loved one outside of opening hours. When the side door is opened with the badge, the lights in the funeral home switch on and pre-programmed music starts in the room.

In order to create a warm and timeless ambience in the funeral home, APEX developed a fully customized lighting concept that enhances its serene atmosphere. The focus throughout the project was on creating a cost-effective, total experience.


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