Daelhof Crematorium

Daelhof in Zemst is a busy crematorium, serving the 27 municipalities in the province of Flemish Brabant. Daelhof’s three auditoriums are scaled to accommodate anything from an intimate family service to a gathering of up to 360 people.

When Daelhof first approached APEX, each of its spaces had its own independent audio-visual systems, with separate controls for the music and lighting and services delivered from laptops running PowerPoint. The ambition was to create a unified system for the whole facility which would be much easier for its staff and external pastors and funeral directors to use, and which would deliver better results from its existing high-quality audio-visual equipment.

The APEX team installed a user-friendly LIVIAU system in each auditorium, allowing a single person to comfortably deliver a service and control the audio, lighting and video from a simple touchscreen. A fourth LIVIAU behind the scenes allows Daelhof’s team to prepare and test ceremonies, and all units are networked, so services can be easily moved from one auditorium to another at short notice. APEX provided intensive training for the Daelhof team, attending the first services to ensure that everyone was confident using the new system.

Daelhof is also among the first crematoriums to adopt APEX’s E-Funeral software. E-Funeral allows non-technical users to quickly create stunning video presentations based on photos of the deceased. The combined benefits of the hardware and software are already apparent, as Bert Carleer, Director of Havicrem (the organisation that operates Daelhof) affirms, “Since we switched to the E-funeral platform in combination with the LIVIAU systems, both the preparation and the playback of the services are running smoothly for us. We have been able to reduce the preparation time enormously, because we are no longer dependent on PowerPoint for making our services.  The quality of the material has greatly improved. Whereas in the past we just worked with a simple background, today we can really offer much more beautiful, personalised tributes.”

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