Cormeilles-en-Parisis Crematorium

Generys group chooses APEX as its long-term AV partner.

Generys is an innovative new name in the French funeral sector. The group focuses on innovation and total experience and has already obtained several licenses to build and operate new crematoria in France. Their first new facility is the impressive Cormeilles-en-Parisis crematorium, situated on the outskirts of Paris. Generys chose APEX as its audio-visual partner, distinguishing itself from other players on the French market by adopting E-Funeral software.

Central wireless control via LIVIAU

Generys counts on APEX for the smooth running of its audio-visual systems. At the Cormeilles-en-Parisis crematory, each ceremony room has been equipped with a wirelessly controlled LIVIA control system to run the services. All LIVIAU units are connected to one central network, allowing them to communicate with one another. This is useful when different rooms are combined to accommodate large ceremonies.

To make it as comfortable as possible for all relatives and visitors, the layout of the crematorium is modular, allowing the set-up to be changed depending on the requirements of each service. As the lecterns had to be fully mobile, APEX equipped each one with a wireless tablet and wireless microphone, enabling crematory staff to operate the full audio-visual installation remotely via LIVIAU software. All audio-visual elements in the room are controlled via one simple interface. For example, it is easy to simultaneously dim the lighting, operate the electric curtains and switch on the projection when the ceremony begins.

E-Funeral: a first

Parisis-en-Cormeilles crematorium produces video tributes using APEX’s E-Funeral software. These videos have received a unanimously positive response from the families. Generys is the first to offer this kind of impactful farewell video in France. “Until recently, we only worked with static PowerPoints. Thanks to these E-Funeral videos, the images say much more and you become more involved in the total experience that we are very consciously trying to create here,” says director Nicolas Goossens. Relatives can also log in to Parisis-en-Cormeilles’ E-Funeral platform to upload photos and music for themselves. All audio-visual material is stored in one place, saving the crematorium staff a lot of admin.