Luc Bussels Funeral Home

Funeral director, Luc Bussels is based in Neeroeteren. He recently decided to update his sound system. A laptop was previously used to play music from CDs. First Bussels had to put together a PowerPoint presentation, then download the desired music and burn it to a CD. As part of the upgrade he wanted to switch to a complete, up-to-date system that would be easier to use. Lighting, sound and images needed to be operated via one simple user interface.

Following the update, two LED strips provide the lighting in the auditorium, controlled by LIVIAU. The master of ceremonies can adjust the brightness, color and warmth of the lighting in an instant. The atmosphere can be easily adjusted thanks to the pre-programmed templates.

Pieces of music and video are also played from the LIVIAU control panel. The computer in the basement forwards the files to LIVIAU. This significantly reduces preparation time. The master of ceremonies can prepare the correct media file in the system and with the push of a button it can be played at the appropriate moment.

Bussels’ auditorium is not big enough to accommodate the largest funerals. In these cases, the ceremony is broadcast in an extra room. Using a brand-new camera system from APEX, funerals can be filmed, recorded or even streamed. Even if a surviving relative cannot be present at the ceremony, they are still able to participate remotely.


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