Jaeken Funerals

From the beginning, Danny Jaeken set out to create a homely atmosphere in his funeral home, as he explains, “The bereaved should have the opportunity to mourn in a warm environment. We have chosen to tailor everything to this: interior, color and even lighting.” Partly for this reason, Jaeken funeral home from Peer also chose to control its lighting with LIVIAU. “I really want to focus on experience during my celebrations. After explaining my needs to APEX, they came up with the idea of using indirect LED lighting in the room.”

Thanks to LIVIAU’s lighting scenes, the user can choose from dozens of pre-programmed settings, each of which creates its own atmosphere. The master of ceremonies can adjust the color, brightness and warmth during the service. For example, while playing a video clip, the lights can be dimmed automatically.

The user-friendliness of the LIVIAU control panel was crucial for the funeral home. “Our generation doesn’t pick up new things so quickly,” says Jaeken. “In the beginning the new technology took some getting used to, but after a short familiarisation period, I was able to master the system.”

Daan Franken, Jaeken’s younger colleague, can also control the system from the offices. This offers an extra safety net if anything should go wrong. “You can only do a funeral once, there is no margin for error,” Jaeken concludes.


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