Goosens & Celis Funeral Home

With three auditoriums, Goosens and Celis is one of the largest funeral directors in the suburbs of Antwerp. Their headquarters are in Mortsel, but they are also represented in Wommelgem and Boechout.

With hundreds of ceremonies a year, efficiency is a key consideration for funeral manager, Christophe Ignoul. The demand for a standardised system arose after the opening of their latest auditorium. “We lost a lot of time shuttling between sites,” explains Ignoul. “In preparation for a service, someone had to prepare the files in the auditorium. During the service, that person was also responsible for the technology: playing the right audio clip, adjusting the lighting and so on.”

LIVIAU has significantly reduced stress levels at Goosens and Celis. Every ceremony is now prepared from their Mortsel offices. Driving up and down between auditoriums has been reduced to a minimum. In addition, all employees can control LIVIAU thanks to the intuitive user interface. Audio and video clips are assigned to one of the keys and played at the push of a button. This soon allowed the master of ceremonies to lead the service by themselves, without the need for a technician.


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