Ghillemyn Funeral Centre

Ghillemyn Funeral Centre, located in Gullegem, recently took the decision to invest in its own auditorium, enabling the business to offer its customers even better and, above all, more personal ceremonies.

The newly built complex, located at Caesar Gezellestraat, Moorsele, provides seating for 107 guests in the main auditorium. Thanks to an extra display in the entrance hall, the capacity of the auditorium can be expanded significantly during well-attended ceremonies.

For the audiovisual design of the space, owner Mike Ghillemyn opted for a fully integrated solution with APEX and its LIVIAU system.

“We got to know the APEX company at the funeral exhibition in Leuven, where we immediately got a very extensive demonstration of the possibilities. We then asked for a quote and compared it with a number of competitors, but APEX simply offered much more functionality for the same price. So we were able to make the choice quickly,” explains Mike Ghillemyn.

For Mike and his wife it was especially important that the system should be very simple to use, as funeral ceremonies in their auditorium are regularly led by external celebrants.

“Sometimes they come just a few hours in advance to look at the setup they can use to play the music and photo galleries. With the LIVIAU system that is actually very easy; we can set up the entire ceremony remotely and assign it to a number of touchscreen buttons. The only thing the master of ceremonies has to do is start the right piece of music or photo film at the right time,” Mike continues.

The LIVIAU system’s modular structure also proved a major plus for Ghillemyn. For example, there was no requirement for an extensive camera system during the original installation, but with the onset of the Coronavirus crisis in early 2020, there was suddenly a lot of demand for livestreaming of funerals. APEX was able to add its camera system to the installation very quickly and simply, benefitting from the cabling that had already been laid during the initial project set-up.

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