Record the ceremony & stream live

✔ Some invitees not able to attend in person? Let them follow the funeral online.

✔ Not able to seat all the guests in your auditorium? Stream the ceremony to a break-out room (your reception area for example).

✔ Easily record your ceremonies and pass the video on to the next of kin afterwards.


Smooth livestreaming of your funerals

Do you want to make the full experience you create in your auditorium accessible from anywhere in the world? Our professional video switching equipment lets you easily switch between camera and slideshow images. Using the LIVIAU scenario builder you can even decide in advance when the camera will film the room and when it will automatically switch to show the content displayed on the screen.

Smart cameras

Our camera packages offer lots of possibilities. Our latest AREC camera system combines three different forms of streaming: one stream captures the room, another stream shows whatever images or video are being projected, while a third ‘picture in picture’ stream combines the two. This allows viewers at home or in a break-out room to watch live images from your auditorium at the top left of their screen while the rest of the screen displays the slideshow or video tribute.


Secure streaming platform

The APEX streaming platform is a secure solution for allowing friends and family to view funerals from home. Within the platform you can easily create a new link for each ceremony, ensuring that only people invited to a particular service will be able to watch it live. As each ceremony has a unique link, it is not possible for attendees of a previous or later funeral to view a service that they were not invited to.

Why Choose APEX?

Apex is the AV specialist for funeral centers & crematories

We offer 24/7 technical support

Our systems are reliable and affordable

We offer extensive training and support